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Slow life beauty

To an important customer,
Time to spend in a hair salon
Please enjoy it slowly.

By a genuine technique and warm hospitality.


  • Passion for dry cutting

    Passion for dry cutting
    Passion for dry cutting

    Dry your hair and look at the habit of the hair while cutting carefully as if to pile up one by one, as if interacting with the hair. We want to provide the best technology with sincerity without compromising on your precious hair.

  • Reproducibility and persistence

    Reproducibility and persistence
    Reproducibility and persistence

    You can easily decide the style just by drying. The design lasts longer because it cuts against the way your hair grows. You will notice its true value when styling at home.

  • Matching


    We propose a holistic concept that takes into account not only the shape of the face, the skeleton of the head, but also the lifestyle and body balance of the whole body, and a more sophisticated `` you '' that goes beyond suit


  • Bell Jouvance

    Bell Jouvance
    Bell Jouvance

    elle Juvance = Hair is a weakly acidic beauty method, hair is made of weak acid. That's why the perm and color are weakly acidic, so let's enjoy glossy and healthy fashion without damaging the original beauty of hair

  • Head massage & treatment

    Head massage & treatment
    Head massage & treatment

    SHAPE has three types of head spas and four types of treatments. Let's get healthy and high quality hair at the discerning hair care & spa

  • Damageless color menu

    Damageless color menu
    Damageless color menu

    Illumina color, which gives the hair a luster to create a “foreigner style”, weakly acidic color that harms the scalp, herb color that is gentle on the body with natural materials, and SHAPE makes the “glossy” color.


2021.04.04 Notice of Golden Week closure
We will have a Golden Week holiday from May 3rd (Monday) to May 5th (Wednesday). Thank you
2020.02.25 We practice coronavirus countermeasures.
In response to the spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, we have been conducting hand sanitization, such as air cleaning, disinfection of equipment, wearing of masks by staff, and hand washing before and after customer service, so that customers can spend time in the store with peace of mind as well as staff health. We carry out and prevent infection Ethanol for hand disinfection has been installed at the entrance of the store for customers visiting the store. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to prevent the spread of infection.




It's the season for new hairstyles

Spring, when the buds and heart swell, is the season to meet a new self.
It's hard to go out, but let's open our hearts with a new spring hairstyle